LiFT comes to Trondheim!

Leadership for Transition or LiFT, is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership which has brought together partners from Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg to do action research on ways to support the development of integral (the ‘i’ in LiFT) practices for collaborative leadership in relation to complex societal transition issues. At the end of this month, LiFT will come to Trondheim to facilitate a workshop on Learning and Job Creation in a Digital Economy.

LiFT workshop in Trondheim
LiFT workshop in Trondheim. See video for more info.

This event will bring together participants from the public sector, education, industry and some private initiatives in order to foster possibilities for addressing ongoing challenges in Norwegian society related to the high rate of school dropouts, unemployment among marginalized demographics (such as immigrants) and the need for customized, relevant education in the context of a rapidly shifting digital economy.

The event will use a methodology called a “collaboratory” (this blog post from last fall  provides some background on this). This is a combination of various processes for working with large, multi-stakeholder groups focused on a complex societal issue. As the name implies, it is part laboratory in that it involves experimenting with how to create new ideas, as well as being collaborative, in that it aims to enable synergies to emerge from bringing together diverse social actors.

The workshop will be held in Øysteinsalen in the Erkebispegården, on September 30 and October 1. If you are interested in more information beyond our websites, (links above), contact us at or

Earlier LiFT Workshop
Photo from earlier workshop.

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